Rocking a stunning pair of heels can boost your confidence and make you look fabulous. Unfortunately, it can also leave you with aching feet, blisters and squished toes. But, don’t give up on those leg-lengthening shoes just yet. Finding a pair of heels that are actually comfortable, as well as stylish, is easier than you might think. With this guide to the most comfortable heels on the market, you’ll want to wear tall shoes all year round. While they may not feel quite as good as sneakers, these footwear styles are sure to put the spring back in your step while lifting you up.

How to Make Heels More Comfortable?

In order to be comfortable, heeled shoes need to be supportive. As such, products, such as inner soles, which provide cushioning, can be used to make uncomfortable shoes feel better on your feet. However, there is no substitute for buying a well-designed and expertly constructed pair, such as those that feature a cushioned sole, supportive shape and thick heel.

What are the Most Comfortable Heels

Everyone’s feet are different, meaning that what one person finds comfortable, another may not. There are certain shoe styles, however, that are typically more supportive and soft than others. Therefore, finding the perfect pair of comfortable heels for your feet just requires a little knowledge. Luckily, we have all the best tips to help you pick out a pair of heels that you’ll enjoy wearing.

Dress Heels

Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or formal function, dress heels are often an essential outfit element. Of course, impressing a client or charming other part-goers can be a challenge if your feet are in pain. As such, selecting a comfortable pair of dress heels is important. To do so, choose a pair of pumps or heels with a padded sole for support. Selecting a pair with an open or round toe will also help to keep your feet feeling fresh. When it comes to heel height, don’t go overly tall. A three or four-inch heel will look chic without leaving you in agony at the end of the day.

Platform Heels

If you want to add a lot of height without a lot of pain, you should try a pair of platform heels. Due to their thick sole, platform heels can elongate your legs without placing too much pressure on the front of your feet. Therefore, they are more supportive and comfortable to wear. Just make sure you select a pair with a sturdy heel to avoid any wobbling or sprained ankles.

Kitten Heels

Due to their small height, which allows your foot to sit more naturally, kitten heels can be extremely comfortable to wear. They’re also currently on-trend, making them an excellent footwear choice. All you need to do is select the pair you like the most. From pumps to sandals and even boots, kitten heels are available in a range of styles. As such, there’s an option to suit every lady.

Block Heels

Due to their thick form, block heels offer a lot more support than skinny stilettos. Therefore, they are an excellent comfortable heel option and can keep your feet feeling fresh all day long. Block heels also provide more stability, meaning that they’re perfect for anyone who struggles when walking in heels. Additionally, these chunky heels are available in many chic styles and are ideal for stylish daytime looks.

High Heel Sandals

If you find closed-toe heels uncomfortable or painful, sandals can be a good alternative. Likewise, if you’re prone to sweaty feet in summer, this open-toe shoe style can keep you comfortable in hot temperatures. To select a pair that feels particularly good on your feet, choose one with an adjustable ankle strap. The strap will help keep your heels securely on your feet and provide support when you’re walking.

High Heel Boots

Snuggly wrapping around your entire foot, high-heeled boots can provide support and comfort that other shoes cannot. To select a pair that’s ultra-comfy, you should consider ditching the stiletto heel and choosing a thicker style instead. As a result, the thick heel will help further support your foot while also providing you with a pair of shoes that you can wear all day, every day.

Most Comfortable Heels for Work

Heels are a great way to add a polished finish to your office outfit, as long as they’re comfortable. After all, you don’t want to be in pain for your entire eight-hour working day. So, to ensure your feet feel fresh while looking chic in a business setting, opt for smart styles with a low or mid-heel. Block heels and heeled loafers provide a stylish and contemporary option while pumps and kitten heels are classically chic. Alternatively, consider a pair of stiletto ankle boots for an edgy appearance.

Most Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet

If you have naturally wide feet or you are pregnant, heels can be seriously uncomfortable and even painful. To select a pair that won’t leave your feet feeling tired and sore, choose an open-toe style. Doing so will provide your toes with all the room and space they need to feel comfortable. Also, opting for heels with thick, adjustable straps is a great way to gain support without causing discomfort. Likewise, selecting footwear brands and designs specifically made for wide feet will help you achieve a comfortable fit.