Europa Park and the Black Forest

Europa Park is one of the biggest and best amusement parks in Europe.
Many prefer it to Disneyland Paris or Italy’s Gardaland. Every part of the park replicates the scenery of a different European country, its architecture, food, and music. Most importantly, it features many great rides, including excellent and unique roller coasters. Some call the park ‘Europe’s Epcot’. The park has over 100 attractions, including the biggest and tallest roller coaster in Europe, sledding, rafting in an African jungle, and a life-size model of the Mir Space Station.

There is also an area for very little kids, where they will meet fairies and dinosaurs. The park also hosts different shows and competitions. More information about the park can be found at its official website.
I recommend spending at least one full day at the park.
Theme park lovers may even want to spend two days there. Europa Park has a few advantages over other popular theme parks in Europe: First of all, entry is relatively cheap (you can also buy discounted packages of tickets for the park and other attractions in the area) and lines are fairly short. The park is located in the Black Forest near the town of Rust, close to the border with France.

I recommend staying in the Black Forest for a full week in a vacation home, a farmhouse or an apartment hotel. From there, go on trips to nearby places and even to neighbouring France.

More Places to travel

Besides the famous Europa Park, the black forest has another park called Steinwasen Park. This one features alpine slides, rope bridges, a chair lift, a bobsled run, and many other attractions.
Some water-related attractions include the water park Laguna Badeland and the famous hot springs of Baden Baden.
Animal lovers will enjoy Vogelpark Steinen Bird Park where there are over 1000 birds of 300 different kinds, as well as monkeys and other animals.
The Black Forest also has several alpine slides. There is a particularly long on the Hasenhorn, in Todtnau. Another one is in Freizeitpark, where there is a great variety of family attractions. The Black Forest is famous for being the ‘birthplace’ of the cuckoo clock. I recommend visiting the German Clock Museum.
Another interesting museum is the open museum, Schwarzwaldmuseum, which is all about life in the Black Forest.

Other great attractions are the mine of Bergwerk Schauinsland on the top of a mountain reachable by cable car, a town by the name of Hexenloch (“Witch’s Hole”), and the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant at Sindelfingen.

There are several interesting and beautiful cities and towns in the black forest which I recommend visiting during your stay in the area. The biggest of them all is Freiburg, nicknamed ‘Capital of the Black Forest’. Don’t miss a visit to the beautiful St. Blasien, and dedicate a full day to Lake Titisee and the beautiful towns surrounding it, as there is a lot to do in this area.
I recommend also working some trips out to nature into your vacation. The Black Forest is full of options for hiking, biking, boating, swimming in lakes, and more. The highest waterfalls in Germany, Triberg Falls, are in the Black Forest as well.

I also recommend going up in a cable car to Feldberg Mountain, the tallest mountain in the Black Forest.