The Interior Design Reference + Specification Book


The Interior Design Reference + Specification Book is a comprehensive guide written by Chris Grimley, Mimi Love, and Linda O’Shea. This book serves as an essential reference for interior designers, providing valuable information on materials, finishes, and furniture specifications used in interior design projects Published in 2013, the book is organized in a user-friendly format, making it easy for designers to access the information they need quickly and efficiently. It covers a wide range of topics related to interior design, including Materials The book delves into various materials used in interior design, such as flooring options, wall coverings, ceiling treatments, and more. It offers insights into the characteristics and performance of different materials, helping designers make informed choices based on their project requirements.



Furniture: Furniture plays a vital role in interior design, and this book offers guidance on selecting the right pieces for specific spaces. It covers different types of furniture, their styles, materials, and dimensions, enabling designers to create well-proportioned and functional interiors. Codes and Standards: Interior design projects must comply with relevant codes and standards. The book may also include information on building codes, accessibility guidelines, and industry standards, ensuring that designers meet the necessary legal and safety requirements. The Interior Design Reference + Specification Book” is designed to be a practical resource that interior designers can refer to throughout their projects. It is suitable for both students and professionals, providing a wealth of information and insights that can enhance the design process and result in well-executed interior spaces.


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