Thru-Hike the Superior Hiking Trail


In Thru-Hike the Superior Hiking Trail, she answers questions like why thru-hike and how far to hike in a day. She delves into planning your trip, navigating the trail, and safety on the SHT.A nnie further includes a detailed list of available food stops, lodging and amenities along the way, as well as a quick reference guide to campsite mileages.



Plan and implement a day hike or thru-hike on northeastern Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail with this handy guide.

The Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is Minnesota’s premier hiking trail. It offers 310 miles of rugged terrain along the North Shore, with sweeping views of Lake Superior, cascading waterfalls, secluded lakes, endless boreal forests and close encounters with wildlife. Thru-hiking the trail―completing the entire distance in one trip―is a dream of many hikers and backpackers. It is an extraordinary accomplishment.


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